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Structural Insulated Panels in Cohoes, NY

Speed Construction Time

If you are a builder facing escalating costs for worker's compensation and insurance premiums, and looking for ways to reduce construction time and control labor costs, without compromising the quality building with BGS MgO sheathed Insulated panels will help control costs and improve financial performance?

A: Building with BGS MgO sheathed Insulated panels speeds up the construction time dramatically, saving labor costs, field errors, reducing loan costs, overhead, pilferage, and waste disposal costs. This provides you with the opportunity to build more projects in a year, resulting in greater profits for your company.

Since SIPs are extremely energy-efficient, you will also pay less for the heating and air conditioning systems. Other savings will result from fewer callbacks, less finishing, and trim costs because the walls are consistently straight and flat.

SIPs Are Environmentally Friendly

If you want an environmentally-sound, "green" building, what are the green attributes of SIP construction?

A: In addition to the lower energy use of SIP buildings resulting in fewer carbon emissions, SIPs are made with environmentally safe materials, including Magnesium Oxide board (MgO), Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation, and sealants. The foam core insulation has extremely low vapor permeability and no physical degradation over time.

The system is 15 times more airtight than typical wood-frame construction resulting in much less energy loss. That puts BGS MgO sheathed Insulated panels construction on better terms with the environment throughout its total life cycle, making it a key component of sustainable building practices and qualifying for green building programs.

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